ERMC, member of Management Force Group has been awarded from August the 1st, 2014, safety management services for the Lengarica & Energy Project.


The Lengarica Project consist in the construction of a medium-head small hydropower plant. The Lengarica hydropower is projected to be built at the bottom of river with the same name in the area of Petran village, which is located six kilometers away from the City of Permet in Albania.  Lengarica river waters, after emerging from turbines of the HPP flow into the river of Vjose, the second largest river in Albania. Lengarica HPP has an installed power of 8.94 MW and an average annual production of 36.357.052 kWh.


ERMC has been awarded safety management services for the project and specifically: Project HS Plan, Project Safety Consultant Coordinator, Site Safety Supervision and HSE Safety audit  and reporting.