MANAGEMENT FORCE  organized a two-day workshop (16 & 17 February 2016) on OSH in Agricultural sector in Ukraine, under an EBRD Framework agreement, in Kiev, Ukraine. The event exceeded expectations in terms of participations and results. The event was supported by the State Labor Services of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine was represented by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Policy and Food of Ukraine, Mrs Inna Grebeniuk. Apart from high level local speakers representing Government, State Administration, Employers Federation, Academia, Research Institutions, Specialised Media, Agri-Companies, also speakers from EBRD, EU-OSHA, ILO, IOSH, BG-BAU presented and contributed greatly to a successful event.


The workshop aimed at raising awareness of the lenders’ OHS standards and the methods to manage specific risks relevant with the agricultural sector in Ukraine which result in work related injury and/ or ill health, identifying, informing and motivating decision makers on how they can influence the prevention of accidents, demonstrating to technical safety specialists in the agricultural sector the current international best practice for managing specific health and safety risks; identifying the barriers which currently exist in Ukraine which are preventing improvements in the health and safety and also identify opportunities for improvement and finally come up with a broadly accepted agreement for the next steps.


The workshop was split into two sessions. The session 1, held in February 16, targeted decision makers, senior managers and representatives of the enforcing authorities in the agricultural sector in order to raise awareness at senior management level about the OHS conditions in the sector and communicate how good health and safety makes good business sense with added economic benefits.


The second session, held in February 17, targeted technical health and safety specialists and line managers (e.g. team leaders, supervisors) working in the sector and responsible for day to day health and safety co-ordination in the agricultural sector. This session provides more practical sessions on how health and safety measures can implemented to reduce risks associated with common hazards which repeatedly cause injuries to workers and third parties. The session also looks at how managers can intervene and attempt to change the perception and attitudes of workers. 

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