MANAGEMENT FORCE provides EHSS services for all sectors based on the principles of the Holistic Approach on Safety and Project Life Cycle Management. Provided services include:

  • Design and implementation of Management Systems according to EHSS national and international standards (ISO, ELOT, OHSAS).
  • Risk Studies (HAZID, HAZOP, ATEX, QRA, Occupational Risk Assessment)
  • EHSS Training and Awareness programs
  • On site Consultancy EHSS Services (Safety Practitioner, Occupational Physician, Project Site Safety Coordinator, Safety Engineer)
  • Audits (Legislation compliance, Walkthrough Inspections, Gap Analysis, Site audits)
  • Workplace Environmental Monitoring (dust, chemicals, noise, lighting, WBGT)


MANAGEMENT FORCE has developed its own business tools for the delivery of its services, incorporating into them all the experience gained from the projects undertaken.